Valer Sabadus in Graun's opera Silla in Rheinsberg

Valer Sabadus © Gregor Hohenberg

"Such a variety of excellent counter voices full of character will probably never be heard together again", one can read about Carl Heinrich Graun's opera "Silla" at this year's Rheinsberg Easter Festival, a cooperation with the Innsbruck Festival. This technically highly demanding work requires no fewer than four countertenors. As he did in Innsbruck in 2022, Valer Sabadus impressively embodied the dictator's friend Metello. Carl Heinrich Graun's opera "Silla" about the Roman dictator Silla (Sulla), with a libretto penned by Frederick the Great himself, is a baroque jewel that was staged again for the first time after almost 240 years in 2022, then in Innsbruck.

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