Successful "Femmes"-Tour

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Raphaela Gromes was on tour with the Festival Strings Lucerne in Germany and Switzerland in January/February

Read some reports in the press here:


Grevener Anzeiger from 30.01.24

With lightness and passion

by Axel Engels

" Raphaela Gromes impressed the audience not only with her technical brilliance, but also with the passion and lightness of her playing. She elicited both delicate, lyrical passages and powerful, expressive moments from the cello. The emotional depth of her performance was deeply moving."


WAZ from 31.01.24

Star-Cellist celebrates women in the Philharmonie

by Klaus Albrecht

„Raphaela Gromes knew how to make Robert Schumann's cello concerto glow in a broad cantilena: narrative and virtuoso, tenderly eavesdropped and powerfully marked, but always in her beguilingly warm, breathy cello tone “


Jaumann publishing house from 01.02.24

The best cellist of Germany

by Tonio Paßlick

"The best cellist of Germany - Raphaela Grome's full, sinewy yet subtle cello sound, her broad spectrum of tonal accents from whispering flagolettes to fortissimo attacks, the perfect balance and the fine interplay between cello and orchestra thrilled the audience."


Oltener Tagblatt from 03.02.24

The cello sings with all its soul

by Elisabeth Feller

"This is exactly how Raphaela Gromes plays it: with a sonorous, expansive tone and a fine sense of cantabile that seduces the listener into acceptance. The cello sings with all its soul.
The extent to which the soloist and orchestra (Festival Strings Lucerne) are in harmony is evident whenever Raphaela Gromes, already a musician with a winning charisma, turns to Daniel Dodds or the orchestra with a smile. As if she wanted to say: I feel wonderfully at home with you."

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