Philippe Jaroussky and L'Arpeggiata thrill on tour in Germany

2023_04_02_Neumarkt_©Fritz Etzold

Sold-out concerts and enthusiastic audiences for Philippe Jaroussky and L'Arpeggiata in Berlin (31/03/2023), Neumarkt (02/04/2023) and Munich (04/04/2023)!

Read the reviews:

"This is fabulous, rousing and also extraordinarily well-founded in musical ability and knowledge." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 06.04.2023, Egbert Tholl)

"Jaroussky is a charming, friendly troubadour, a flâneur in the realms of poetry, but he is also an entertainer, an arch comedian, an actor who can make a small, vivid scene out of a song. In return, he has a stupendous agility in his voice, can also triumph arios, but always remains so feather-lightly airy that the sound floats above everything and also the quiet, the very quiet floats into the last corner of the Isarphilharmonie." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 06.04.2023, Egbert Tholl)

"The nine-member ensemble consists of musicians who operate lutes, cornett, baroque violin, viola da gamba, baroque guitar, baroque harp, percussion, double bass as well as organ and harpsichord. In its midst is Philippe Jaroussky, who captivated the audience with his still wonderfully boyishly pure and soft voice, but also with his performing intensity." (Berliner Morgenpost, 01.04.2023, Mario-Felix Vogt)

"Above all, the American tine player Doron Sherwin impressed with outstanding virtuosity on his trumpet-like instrument, but also with his mischievous wit when he quoted themes from "Carmen" or "La Bamba" in his improvisations, for example; he was also allowed to show his qualities as a comedic singer in one of two encores." (Berliner Morgenpost, 01.04.2023, Mario-Felix Vogt)

"But to experience the whole thing live and then also with countertenor Philippe Jaroussky as vocal soloist: This is a completely different experience, a listening pleasure of the highest order, because the beguiling magic of this constellation and the interplay of outstanding talent and immense joy in singing and playing unfolds especially in the immediacy of the moment." (Neumarkter Tagblatt, 04.04.2023, Andreas Meixner)

"His outstanding expressiveness takes over the whole body, always highly emotionally charged and of incredible flexibility." (Neumarkter Tagblatt, 04.04.2023, Andreas Meixner)

"In the end, the audience therefore quite rightly celebrated frenetically a whimsical and almost cheeky baroque concert by absolute world stars, which with its swing and airy-free playing could also have taken place in a jazz club at any time. (Neumarkter Tagblatt, 04.04.2023, Andreas Meixner)

"The amorous pains are artfully arranged, the tenderness and expansiveness of Jaroussky's voice combines with the original-sounding tines, whose role is taken over a little later by the oboe d'amore in the baroque orchestra." (Nürnberger Nachrichten, 04.04.2023, Uwe Mitsching)

"Jaroussky is at the height of conceivable vocal artistry in everything he does." (Nürnberger Nachrichten, 04.04.2023, Uwe Mitsching)

"Jaroussky wove a colourful bouquet of love songs with his colleagues, which came across as renunciatory, introverted, but also cheerful and rhythmically exhilarated." (TZ, 06.04.2023, Gabriele Luster)

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