Jean Rondeau plays Bach's Goldberg Variations in Munich

Jean Rondeau 1 ©Clement Vayssieres

On 07th December 2022, Jean Rondeau played Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche in Munich - offering the audience a special concert experience:

"He offers meditations that seem like a reflection on creativity, the meaning of art, humanism. The bright sound of the harpsichord, which immediately flees into the inaudible, the thoughtful inegality of Rondeau's playing, his falling in love with dances, which he always slightly disturbs: Rondeau's "Goldberg Variations" are amazingly coherent despite all their idiosyncrasy. Great jubilation that sounds elephantine after so much harpsichord lute minimalism." (SZ, 08.12.2022, Reinhard J. Brembeck)

"Rondeau achieves a stroke of genius by improvising decorative elements such as ornaments and even manners, especially in the repetitions he plays, without becoming manneristic in the modern sense of the word. [...] In this way, Rondeau returns the robbed ("rubato") time at another point, and the result is an enchanting work of art that takes the listener from the first to the last note to the edge of the galaxy in infinite expanses, only to transport him gently back to the afterlife. [...] Infinitely dense time full of surprises and fascination, but also meditative calm, in which the spacey silence between the strumming of the strings gains more importance than the notes themselves." (Bachtrack, 08.12.2022, Benedikt Zacher)

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