Enthusiastic gales for Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Lisa Batiashvili and Gautier Capuçon

Batiashvili 1 ©DG_André Josselin

With Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Lisa Batiashvili and Gautier Capuçon, three world-class soloists have come together for a top-class chamber music tour!

With their interpretation of the piano trios by Joseph Haydn (No. 44 in E major), Brahms (No. 2 in C major) and Arensky (No. 1 in D minor), the musicians caused storms of enthusiasm throughout Europe.

In Germany, the trio performed in Dresden, Leipzig, Munich and Berlin:

"The pieces are all conceived from the piano, and Thibaudet succeeded marvellously in never imposing himself on the audience, despite all his virtuosity, but rather in being leader and companion, supporter and challenger. This was followed by his partners, who unfolded a muscular yet always slender string sound without ever becoming thick or mushy in the forte, or purring in piano passages in a mannered way, dangers that threaten in the densely woven Brahms Trio op.87." (SZ, 18.02.2022, Harald Eggebrecht)

"It's a pity, actually, because one would have liked to listen to this extensively applauded shower of stars." (LVZ, 14.02.2022, Amy Kühnlenz)

On Haydn's Piano Trio No. 44 in E major:

"So fine and sensitive, how they entered into a dialogue here, how carefully contrasts were musicked out, how lively the shaping was - great!" (DNN, 11.02.2022, Mareile Hanns)

„But Lisa Batiatishvili and Gautier Capuçon did it so delicately and with such an sophisticated in tone, dynamics and articulation, that they gave Jean-Yves Thibaudet the finest carpet for his quite tricky piano part. Thibaudet had the necessary ease and charm for Haydn's capricious melodicism.“ (Hamburger Abendblatt, 18.02.2022, rich)

On Brahms Trio No. 2 for piano, violin and violoncello in C major:

"In his [Brahms] Trio No. 2 for piano, violin and violoncello, the two strings stormed rapturously ahead, the piano nimbly following with a pianist at the keys who let the luscious, life-hungry notes bubble away. This verve was characteristic of all three players, and here Lisa Batiashvili, perhaps the furthest removed from the more delicate, lyrical tone known from her, surprised. [...] What was enchanting was that they drew Brahms' fullness of tone with ease, let it flow." (Neue Musikalische Blätter, 10.02.2022, Wolfram Quellmalz)

"With a sensitive feeling for the melodic breath of the trio and finest nuances in sound and dynamics, even in its rougher aspects, Thibaudet, Batiashvili and Capuçon went to work." (DNN, 11.02.2022, Mareile Hanns)

"In the remaining movements, virtuosity comes to the fore, the three world stars, united in the service of chamber music, lustily savoured the whole enormous palette of their dynamic and agogic possibilities - at eye level." (LVZ, 14.02.2022, Amy Kühnlenz)

„But also the complex structures of the not very cheerful C major Piano Trio trio by Brahms through their analytically clear but always passionate playing.“ (Hamburger Abendblatt, 18.02.2022, rich)

On Arensky's Piano Trio in D minor op. 32:

"Refined came the vital Scherzo, with the alternating harmonics of the violin and the pizzicato of the cello, into which stormy piano runs mingled." (DNN, 11.02.2022, Mareile Hanns)

"It is noticeable that Batiashvili, Capuçon and Thibaudet react to each other here in a particularly fine-nerved way, listening to colours, sounds, phrasings, nuances from each other, which together with their respective stupendous virtuosity is a healthy basis for the finest chamber music." (LVZ, 14.02.2022, Amy Kühnlenz)

"The Three particularly settled into the sweeping melodic lines of late romantic melancholy in Arensky's D minor Trio, with the Scherzo so sprightly and perky that there were smiles on everyone's faces." (SZ, 18.02.2022, Harald Eggebrecht)

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