Diapason d'or for Chouchane Siranossian!

For her recently released album "Duello d'archi a Venezia" with the Venice Baroque Orchestra under Andrea Marcon, Chouchane Siranossian receives a Diapason d'or. Congratulations!

"The violinist imbues the four concertos by Vivaldi, Tartini, Veracini and Locatelli with an unheard-of vitality and sensuality." (Diapason, 07/2023, Roger-Claude Travers)

"The Capricci, those incredible cadenzas with which their composer embellishes the fast movements, have rarely captivated as they do under this vividly silver bow." (Diapason, 07/2023, Roger-Claude Travers)

"Far from constricting the solo violin, which would in turn try to break free of it, Marcon ambushes it, sinuously following the most subtle affetti and merging with the elaborate line Siranossian draws." (Diapason, 07/2023, Roger-Claude Travers)

Several radio stations named this recording "Album of the Week": BBC Radio 3 Record Review, RBB and NDR, among others.

The album has also impressed the critics in other respects:

"In this duel, the violin takes on very different roles - at times delicate and fragile in comparison to trumpets and timpani, at the end majestic and sublime in Vivaldi's famous concerto, "Grosso Mogul". [...] Whoever thought that baroque music - that is very predictable, what one gets to hear, is deceived and beautifully surprised. A stirring recording." (NDR Kultur, 04.06.2023, Raliza Nikolov)

"For this album, in its freshness and virtuosity, is a real advertisement for baroque music!" (hr2, 05.06.2023, Martin Kersten)
Listen to the podcast at the following link.

„In the fast movements, the virtuosity is fascinating, never an end in itself, and always thriving on the finest differentiation and splendid ornamentation.“ (Pizzicato, 26.05.2023, Remy Franck)

„In the Tartini and Vivaldi concertos, too, always focused on Siranossian’s rich sound, one can admire the soloist’s playing, which gets more out of these concertos violinistically and rhetorically than many others. The verve of the fast movements and the contrasts between dazzling virtuosity and a delicacy that takes one’s breath away show that Chouchane Siranossian is completely in command of her instrument and can concentrate with all ease on the expression of the music.“ (Pizzicato, 26.05.2023, Remy Franck)

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