Andrea Marcon - Welt am Sonntag - magazine portrait

Andrea Marcon_2 © Marco Borggreve

Andrea Marcon has recently rediscovered a jewel of early music: the opera "La Merope" by Geminiano Giacomelli, first performed in Venice in 1734 and never performed since until Andrea Marcon brought it on stage with the La Cetra Baroque Orchestra in Basel on February 3, 2022 as well as in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam on February 5, 2022, receiving excellent reviews.
The journalist Dirk Schümer visited Andrea Marcon in Basel for the dress rehearsal - the result was a wonderful portrait for the Welt Am Sonntag in which Andrea Marcon explains his enthusiasm for early music: "That is the most fascinating thing about early music: that I can make completely unheard music resound again - like an explorer who enters forgotten territories again for the first time. Nothing against the B minor Mass, but where else are such surprises possible in our thoroughly surveyed world?"
He also stresses how little we know so far of old repertoire: "We know maybe ten percent of the great music of yesteryear, nothing more."

The complete portrait can be found in the Welt Am Sonntag of February 20, 2022.

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