Alexander Gadjiev's portrait in German Music Magazine Fono Forum

Alexander Gadjiev © Andrej Grilc

In the September issue of German music Magazine Fono Forum you can read an interview with Alexander Gadjiev (link to the online version:

The young Italian-Slovenian pianist with Russian roots talks, among other things, about his methaphoric approach to the individual works: "I tell different stories, dramatic, tender, sad" and see himself like the "bird as prophet" (Robert Schumann). "I try to explain my ideas with the help of colours or by talking about my feeling for the keyboard." He also takes the opportunity to present his album with works by Prokofiev and Alexander and Nikolai Cherepnin, which has just been released by CAvi. This album received top marks from renowned critics: Norman Lebrecht speaks of "Prokofiev at his best" ("This is prime Prokofiev"): and "Klassik heute" awards 10 out of 10 possible points in all categories:

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