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The renowned Regensburger Domspatzen is probably the oldest boys’ choir in the world. Founded by Bishop Wolfgang in his own cathedral school more than thousand years ago, in 975 AD. Under the leadership of the cathedral’s Director of Music, Dr Theobold Schrems (1893-1963) the Domspatzen from Regensburg became well–known worldwide and have continued to be so since 1930s. With Schrems’ successor Georg Ratzinger (*1924) the choir farther toured through-out Germany and across the globe. Since September 1994 until 2019 Roland Büchner (*1954) has been the Director of Music. Today Christian Heiß is Director of Music in den cathedral and therefore conductor of the famous Regensburger Domspatzen. Formerly as a pupil he used to sing himself in this boys choir.


The Regensburger Domspatzen are primarily responsible for the liturgical arrangements of the church services in the cathedral in Regensburg. Every Sunday during the school year and on religious festivals the choir sings in St. Peter. In addition to the Director of Music´s main choir, there are also two junior choirs. The comprehensive musical repertoire of the Domspatzen ranges from traditional church hymns to Gregorian chants and polychromic vocals from 16th century particularly the works of Palestrina, Lasso and Hassler through to Baroque and Romantic pieces and even folk songs and works by contemporary composers. The Domspatzen are accustomed to working regularly with renowned orchestras and soloists and in major oratorio projects.

The Domspatzen school campus comprises a primary school, grammar school and boarding school offering choir and voice training alongside a traditional academic education. The grammar school currently has more than 300 pupils, since 2022 boys and girls. Now three boys choirs and one new girls choir exist at the Domspatzen in Regensburg.  

Regularly updated information including concert dates can also be found on: www.domspatzen.de

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