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David Garrett starts his anniversary tour "Unlimited" with concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DAVID GARRETT gave the go-ahead for his anniversary tour "Unlimited" in Chemnitz on 4 May 2019.


In May 2019 he gives 19 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (04.05. Chemnitz, Arena - 05.05. Erfurt, Messehalle - 07.05. Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena - 10.05. Dortmund, Westfalenhalle - 11.05. Oberhausen, König-Pilsener-Arena - 12.05. Cologne, LANXESS arena - 14.05. CH - Zurich, Hallenstadion - 15.05. Stuttgart, Schleyer-Halle - 17.05. Hannover, TUI-Arena - 18.05. Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle - 19.05. Leipzig, Arena - 21.05. Bremen, ÖVB Arena - 22.05. Schwerin, Sport- und Kongresshalle - 24.05. Kiel, Sparkassen Arena - 25.05. Hamburg, Barclaycard-Arena - 27.05. Mannheim, SAP-Arena - 28.05. Frankfurt, Festhalle - 29.05. Munich, Olympiahalle - 31.05. A - Vienna, Stadthalle).

From September 2019 the international tour will begin, with concerts in Italy (Arena di Verona), Poland, Israel, Turkey, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Belarus, etc.

The new show concept and program selection will inspire audiences and press alike.

Here first discussions and reports:



Ruhr24 from 11.05.2019

"With his new "Unlimited - Greatest Hits" tour, star violinist David Garrett came to the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund on Friday evening - and enchanted his fans with many a delicacy... But the first astonished faces were already there without having even heard a sound. The impressive stage design with huge LED wall and light effects gave the violin tones of David Christian Bongartz - Garrett's bourgeois name - the final touch..." read more


Kölner Rundschau from 13.05.2019

"Accompanied by his band and the Neue Frankfurter Philharmonie, he demonstrated this and put on an impressive show on stage. His preference for rock songs from AC/DC, Metallica or Aerosmith was well received by the audience. He interpreted the Metallica classic "Nothing else matters" almost better with the Neue Frankfurter Philharmonie than the band itself..." read more


Mitteldeutschezeitung  from 20.05.2019

"...And his two-hour show is more than just crossover music, combining pop, rock and classical music. Garrett's gifted violin playing, which always stands in the musical foreground, inspires the three-generation audience in a well-defined lifestyle cosmos. When the artist enters the stage in perforated jeans at 6 p.m., his silhouette is already on fire on the video screen. Right after Beethoven's Fifth, his portrait floats shimmering through a blue sea. The film music of "Pirates of the Caribbean" can be heard, followed by Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC... Read more


Leipziger Volkszeitung from 20.05.2019

"Spectacular not only because of the strong and clear sound, but also because of the impressive animation sequences in the background, which adapt perfectly to the individual pieces of music. ... The German violinist does not allow himself to be limited in his performance by any restrictions. After two and a half hours the big show is rewarded with thunderous applause and standing ovations." read more


Kreiszeitung Bremen from 22.05.2019

"In more than two hours of pure concert time, the star violinist convinces on his "Unlimited" tour with the perfect mixture of classical music, pop and rock. ... David Garrett offers his fans a complete work of art and presents them an evening with that special something. Without a doubt, he has achieved what he intended in 2007: to break down the boundaries between genres and win an audience for it." read more


Ostseezeitung from 23.05.2019

"A brilliant performance: star violinist David Garrett was celebrated on Wednesday evening by around 4600 visitors in the Schwerin Congress Hall, like a rock star. ... Garrett had in his pocket an impressive show, international rock and pop hits - his highlights of the last ten years - which he interpreted with his violin, as well as new arrangements". read more


NDR.de from 26.05.2019

"This evening David Garrett again succeeds with bravura in offering space to both passions, to let them meet and merge with each other. The result is the special style for which the star violinist has been celebrated all over the world for ten years now: his crossover concerts." read more


Tageblatt from 27.05.2019

"Garrett radiates an incredible energy from the stage..." read more


Hamburger Morgenpost from 27.05.2019

"Garrett promised a 'musical firework' - and definitely kept his promise with his fast-paced arrangements!" read more


Cityguide Rhein-Necker from 27.05.2019

"There is hardly an artist who has committed himself with such radical and uncompromising perfection to excellent music beyond so-called genre boundaries as DAVID GARRETT - and his worldwide success proves him right. For him there are no limits." read more


BILD Zeitung from 31.05.2019

"Garrett's greatest strength, however, is not the way he plays his violin. But the union of classical music with rock and show. He has mastered this like no one else." read more


Wiener Zeitung from 01.06.2019

"His performance (currently as part of the "Unlimited" ten-year anniversary tour, which he has now completed in Vienna) does not show this. The man, who after his "Hummelflug" world record in 2008 (exactly 65.26 seconds - that's an incredible 13 notes per second) caused an international sensation with other performances as well, swirls around the stage as if it were an easy exercise. So light that it once floats (thanks to the rope pull) over the orchestra." read more