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David Garrett on German Tour with his new program: EXPLOSIVE LIVE!

David Garrett was on Tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with his new program EXPLOSIVE LIVE!

Read below some Press quotes describing the tour.

Concert Dates:

17.11.2016 – Braunschweig
18.11.2016 – Leipzig
19.11.2016 – Mannheim
21.11.2016 – Nürnberg
22.11.2016 – Dortmund
23.11.2016 – Bremen
25.11.2016 – Hamburg
26.11.2016 – Berlin
27.11.2016 – Hannover
29.11.2016 – Halle Westfallen
01.12.2016 – Köln
02.12.2016 – München
03.12.2016 – Wien
05.12.2016 – Zürich
06.12.2016 – Stuttgart
07.12.2016 – Frankfurt

Hamburger Abendblatt, 27.11.2016
David Garrett ignites violin fireworks in Hamburg
By Heinrich Oehmsen
Garrett … is loved by his fans. For his virtuosity on the violin as well as for his good looks and his charm. Families with children, young girls, golden girls and couples of all ages sit in the arena, follow every one of the artist's instructions, accompany ballads with their illuminated cell phones, flash mobile devices during “Killing in The Name Of” and clap their hands raw when their idol leads the way. … The technical aptitude the former classical Wunderkind possesses, is impressive. In a piece aptly entitled “Furious”, the music is projected onto a screen while Garrett sweeps over the fingerboard of his Stradivarius with nimble fingers.

Abendzeitung, 06.12.2016
Let them talk!
By Linda Zahlhass
It doesn't matter one bit on which seat one sits in the sold-out Munich Olympiahalle this evening as everyone has the perfect view of David Garrett. ... The 79-year-old Grandmother's heart is just as warmed as her 11-year-old Granddaughter's. Through his music, David Garrett manages to transmit Mainstream – Pop to the differing generations present this evening in such a way that they are all equally delighted.

Aachener Zeitung, 03.12.2016
He moves people of all ages
By Pedro Obiera
“Crossover” is a label many artists have used in order to try their luck, almost invariably with little or only brief success. That David Garrett fills massive concert halls time and time again for over ten years with no signs of deteriorating and, on his current tour, must perform extra concerts in numerous cities, is, on this scale, an isolated phenomenon. ... That both teenagers and mature music enthusiasts beyond pensionable age are besides themselves shows David Garrett's ability to establish a special connection to his fans. He touches the hearts of the daughters and the mothers-in-law alike. And the hearts of the male accompaniments while he's at it.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 21.11.2016
Explosive!” tour leads David Garrett to Hanover
By Stefan Arndt
As remote as the violinist's self-written pieces in the style of popular film music and classical hits may be from the strict education of the classical violin: The discipline that has made him into one of the most illustrious instrumentalists beyond any technical doubt quite obviously still plays a major role in his life.
So that such an uncompromising commitment pays off, Garrett made sure that the show on the revolving center stage, despite its effects and fireworks, doesn't attract all of the attention. “It is extremely important to me to keep the music as the center of focus”, he says. “For me, a good show begins with good compositions and arrangements and fantastic musicians on stage.”

Berliner Morgenpost, 26.11.2016

The superhero can be a softie too
By Matthias Nöther
Garrett does not do it like other pop stars who perform here; audible emotions through bombast and artificial fog in a more or less musical manner – he makes the music visible. ... And, despite everything: The music is that what takes center stage. ... Even if there was a Nigel Kennedy and a Vanessa Mae long before Garrett and the pop violin – Garrett was the first to bring the icon of the pop violinist to its culmination.

Ruhrnachrichten, 24.11.2016
Fireworks with the violin
By Julia Goß
It was quite something; spraying sparks in “Purple Rain” by Prince, propelling fountains of fire into the air and rotating with the violinist and his band which included the guitarist and arranger, Franck van der Heijden. It was a a bit like a ride on a merry-go-round, but it was fun – a violin star who, even after almost three hours, couldn't get enough of the enthusiastic audience and the 10,000 spectators. … Garrett was both a perfect entertainer and violinist. ... This show is more spectacular than its predecessor: Lasers dance throughout the hall, the monster from “Ghostbusters” is illuminated amongst the rows, blowing itself up into the “Marshmallow Man” to the film music of Elmer Bernstein. – Garrett, the ghostbuster. And he doesn't even need proton packs when he has his charisma, his energy and his breakneck violin technique.

BILD.de, 26.11.2016
David Garrett delights with “Explosive” show
Star violinist, David Garrett (36) rocked the hall on Friday evening!
360-degree revolving stage, large orchestra, flickering lasers, pyro displays. Oomph! The hall: sold out long ago. Not for sensitive classical music purists but rather an “Explosive” show, the title of the crossover spectacle.

shz.de, 26.11.2016

David Garrett shines in Hamburg
By Mona Adams
David Garrett is brilliant. His dexterity on the violin makes him one of the greatest musicians in the world. ... The chaos diverts attention from only one thing: the outstanding interpretation and violinistic skills of the artist. ... Garrett is easy-going, makes his rounds through the arena while playing violin, gathers together with his band in the circle of chairs all the while consciously miming the charming Garrett.

Berliner Kurier, 27.11.2016
David Garrett. He almost fiddled it up
Stormy, dynamic and emotional. David Garrett's new show, “Explosive”. ... The international star impressed the audience with his nimble fingers on the violin. His performance spanned right across music history, from Vivaldi, through Prince to Coldplay.

Neue Presse, 28.11.2016
The explosive violin bow
By Henning Queren
... And also his way of making music when he goes to town on Paul McCartney's “Live and Let Die”. And how he approaches “Purple Rain” has real café violinist qualities; at first soft and creamy, then hard and scratchy on the electric violin. ... That is what the violinist who fiddles faster than his shadow, can do. ... At the end, the stage canopy rains tinsel. Gush, goo, gratify, and then as an encore, “One Moment in Time”, very gently. Many would have loved a second helping of this moment

infranken.de, 22.11.2016
Explosive Evening: David Garrett delights in Nuremberg
All in all, classical timbres were hardly represented this evening, giving way to expressive pop and rock sounds. Rounding off with an epic pyro and laser display, David Garrett's new tour is a spectacle, unrivalled in its class.

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 24.11.2016
David Garrett delights audience in Bremen with Rock, Classical Music and Show
Effortlessly shifting between genres, the 36-year-old plays classical just like he does “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, “Viva la Vida” (Coldplay), Led Zepplin rock and the film music to “Frozen” (gorgeous: the accompanying frost patterns on the screens beneath the ceiling of the hall) and “Ghostbusters”. … Everything seems easy to David Garrett, for fun. Beautiful when the violinist plays Tschaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 with orchestra. Simply boundless musical enjoyment! How quickly the bow whips across the violin in “Furious” is incredible – tremendous applause.

Braunschweiger Zeitung, 18.11.2016
Syrtaki with David
By Ingeborg Obi-Preuß
“We're going to scale things down a bit”, announced the personable star before sitting down with his three colleagues in a circle on stage. Softly and tenderly, on acoustic instruments only, the melody unravels all of its magic. And the master and his musicians all of their art.

Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, 18.11.2016
David Garrett: Tour Launch
Part of the phenomenon that is David Garrett includes his complete lack of differentiation between pop and classical music; uniting both genres with great relish and a shade provocatively. Directly following Ghostbusters, the musician plays his ecstatic version of Tschaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. Light effects sparkle and mist wafts over the musicians. ... And a small wonder takes place, the contrast works.

Saarbrücker Zeitung, 21.11.2016
Bombast Show on the revolving stage
By Eric Kolling
The quicker and more passionately Garrett can play, the more he can really get into the music. … But the catchiest are his pop hit interpretations. In Coldplay's “Fix you” and “Viva la Vida”, he simulates the voice of Chris Martin with his violin likewise with Prince in “Purple Rain”. Another highlight includes his competition with van der Heijden (electric guitar versus electric violin) in “Prelude Duel”. Garrett's conclusion, celebrated by the audience: “The winner is: good music!”

Mannheimer Morgen, 21.11.2016
The heartthrob plays like a tornado
By Rüdiger Ofenloch
In Mannheim's SAP Arena, the third stop on the current Explosive tour, the pop star violinist delivers the all-inclusive package of modern mass entertainment. Band, orchestra, revolving center stage, light show, laser show, pyrotechnics, flame throwers, fog machine, fireworks and as the cherry on top, a delegation from the German television ballet. Somewhat astonishing that, during the two hours of sustained fire, Garrett continually affirms that the music stands above all else.

Allgemeine Zeitung, 22.11.2016
An full-blooded artist on the violin
By Tim Maurer
The violin star also went all out when it came to lighting effects and pyrotechnics which fittingly accompanied the songs – just in the quicker numbers like “Ghostbusters” it seemed somewhat overzealous. ... During the second half of the evening, he works his way from “You’re the Inspiration” through “Midnight Waltz” to Michael Jackson's “They don’t care about us” although “works his way” is not entirely accurate. Garrett plays the king of classical instruments with both incredible ease and perfection – great variety, great emotion, great evening.

Metropolnews, 20.11.2016
Mannheim: David Garrett delights over 10,000 visitors in the SAP Arena
Over 10,000 people witnessed a gigantic music show last Saturday in the SAP Arena. Violin star, David Garrett, presented his show “Explosive Live!”, proving yet again that a violinist can indeed be a rock star. ... He is an absolutely exceptional musical personality who, with his violin, manages to make no differentiation between pop and classical music.

B. Z., 26.11.2016
David Garrett lights violin fireworks, but the orchestra is drowned
It was, quite literally, violin fireworks. Pyrotechnics dazzled around the revolving stage in the Mercedes Benz Arena. Standing in the middle was the violin star, David Garrett (36). Tour motto: “Explosive”. Almost 17,000 witnessed how he played his way through music history – from Vivaldi through Prince to Coldplay. DJ-reinforcement and duel between violin and guitar inclusive, “And the winner is: good music!” Garrett concludes, never at a loss of worldly wisdom.

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 29.11.2016
Star violinist, David Garrett, breaks the hearts of his fans in Halle.
On a round, revolving stage, he has his five-piece band gathered around him and surrounding them, members of a full-fledged orchestra have taken their seats. Together they ignite philharmonic pop music fireworks – literally. ... Garrett rounds off his concert with a moving rendition of John Miles's evergreen, “Music”. It is the motto Garrett lives by: “Music was my first love and it will be my last”. Of course the enthusiastic audience doesn't let the crossover violinist go without an encore. With “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston, he breaks the hearts of his fans once and for all.

Lippische Landzeitung, 01.12.2016
Skillfull Stringride
By Melanie Gieselmann,
Violin star, David Garrett, ignites enticing firework-feast for the senses in front of 6,300 spectators in the Gerry-Weber Stadium. On his current “Explosive” tour, the former violin wunderkind delights a broad audience with his skillful stringride from Vivaldi, through Tschaikovsky to Prince and Coldplay. ... In “Furious” [his fingers] chase over the strings in a breathtaking tempo while the notated music scrolls over the projection screen and equally impressive are their gentle caresses in “Let it Go” from Disney's “Frozen” – a number that, like Prince's “Purple Rain” and the beginning to Paul McCartney's “Live and Let Die”, gave the audience goosebumps. ... And that is exactly what is typical for Garrett: to make any international hit his own and put his own inimitable brand on it that drives the masses into a state of ecstatic euphoria. David Garrett is “The Devil's Violinist” and sets the hall ablaze with flames of excitement. He came, played and conquered.

Tageszeitung Österreich, 04.12.2016
Garrett: Hits & Spectacle
By Elisabeth Hirschmann
The Explosive show was bombastic: The personable, dashing entertainer performed on a revolving stage platform so that every spectator was guaranteed a perfect view. Fog and pyrotechnic effects ensured additional optical stimuli. Time and time again, fans jumped to their feet in the jam-packed hall. Standing ovations.

Reutlinger General-Anzeiger, 08.12.2016
David Garrett – A man, a violin
By Nadine Nowara
To ensure every spectator a bit of Garrett, he and the band are positioned on a revolving stage in the middle of the hall. It is also possible to watch him at work up close on numerous screens – immersed, concentrated and smiling to himself. With David Guetta's hit “Dangerous”, Garrett nears the current pop music scene. Melody line and rhythm remain intact but even the pop number grows into an epochal, orchestral work. And that, with astonishingly laid-back ease. A man, a violin. Garrett doesn't just play the violin, it becomes his voice, with which he is able express the full emotional spectrum. ... Garrett delivers a real show for the senses.