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David Garrett's East-European Tour: EXPLOSIVE LIVE! 2016

David Garrett excites his audience with his EXPLOSVIE LIVE! Tour, also in East-Europe. Previously on Tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, selling-out arena is multiple cities.

Read the Press-quotes about his success in East-Europe.

Concert Dates:

10.12.2016 - Lodz, Polen
11.12.2016 - Minsk, Belarus
12.12.2016 - Moskau, Russia
14.12.2016 - St. Petersburg, Russia
16.12.2016 - Kiev, Ukraine
17.12.2016 - Odessa, Ukraine
18.12.2016 - Kiev, Ukraine


Dziennik Łódzki 10.12.2016
David Garrett and a fantastic concert in Lodz.
Electrifying, extraordinary, moving - these words can describe Saturday's concert of David Garrett in Lodz Atlas Arena. The fastest and most handsome violinist of the world appeared in our country for the first time. The perfect musical virtuoso performance was watched by thousands of fans."


Onet Lodz 11.12.2016
David Garrett and a fantastic concert in Lodz.
For this moment Polish audience waited for years! Last Saturday, for the first time in the history, David Garrett performed in Poland. German-American artist was promoting his new album "Explosive", which covers a mix of greatest hits of classical music, pop and his own compositions.”


Metalheads Minsk 12.12.2016
An explosive show: David Garrett in Minsk
If you need to describe David Garrett in a word – it is limitless. Classical mixed with rock ballads, metal, jazz and lyrical soundtrack, turning into something more than each of the genres separately. The same can be said about the emotions that David skillfully outlines a bow as skilled pantomimes on his face-the canvas. Not surprisingly, the Palace of the Republic was filled to an extremely motley audience: elegant ladies and gentlemen in suits side by side with young people in kezhyual, children and people much older. Is not it another proof of the infinity?


Talent to be loved: David Garrett made in Minsk
And it is impossible not to like David Garrett. … Its performance resonates in the heart of anyone who loves music, regardless of genre completely. … The first visit of the artists in a new place is always volnitelen for all parties – and the audience and the musicians, and the organizers are hoping for a bright show and mutual love. David Garrett was able to instantly conquer Minsk.


Rossiyakaya Gazeta Moscow 22.12.2016
Star of the back door
By Alexander Alkseev
David Garrett is now known and revered composer of classical music and the rockers have long considered “the guy”. And for good reason! In Rock Music, Jazz, and pop hits of David Garrett he invented his own creative style – in the world – famous hits are very warmly and accurately replaces the voice by the violin! Melodious, passionate, dramatic, sincere and heartfelt. … They pay attention not only to the composition, instruments and sound at how perfectly fit into the overall action of electric guitar, drums, keyboards.


Telegraf 18.12.2016
The world-renowned American violin virtuoso German-born David Garrett made his first appearance in Kiev.
Violinist performed classical works and contemporary hits, demonstrating the virtuosity and different performances techniques. … The musician always communicated with the public.


Violin virtuoso David Garrett gave his first concert in Kiev
By Nicolai Milinevsky
David was not only a virtuoso violinist who owns all sorts of techniques, but also able to play not only qualitatively known hit, but also to make it deeper and more interesting than the original. This ability can feel the fans during a cover of the famous David Guetta track “Dangeours” or Coldplay “Viva la vida”. … “Everyone thinks that classical music – it’s boring, but I will prove to you that this is not so”. And he proved it.


The Economist 17.12.2016
The first concert in Kiev Violinist David Garrett
Classic also works in concert Friday Garrett played quite a bit, even though he once said that one of his goals – promoting classics among young people. … Garrett – is not only violin virtuoso owning different techniques. He also is able to perform high-quality and interesting well-known hits. This ability can feel the fans during a cover of the famous track David Guetta’s “Dangerous” or Coldplay’s “Viva la vida”. … According to the violinist, he first sought to prove that classical music – not so boring as commonly thought.


Newsmir 18.12.2017
In Kiev, the first time was made by “devil violinist” by David Garrett
On the stage of the National Palace “Ukraine” and the violinist performed classical works and contemporary hits, demonstrating the virtuosity and the different performance techniques. … The musician always communicated with the public: before each song telling something or shared emotions and thanked for the warm welcome. … Spectators also organized a flash mob – during the execution of one of the hits at the same time raised the leaflets with a picture of a rainbow, giving the musicians thus rainbow mood.


Culturemeter 22.12.2016
David Garrett: Paganini of the XXI Century was made on the stage of the Odessa Opera House
Odessa proudly hosts on December 17 in the walls of the grand theater of Ukraine one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world the brilliant violin virtuoso David Garrett. For art lovers this musical event was major in the past year like a Christmas gift. The harmonious combination of architectural ensemble, classical works, a Stradivarius violin, on which David furious performed works from their playlist, bordered on the intersection of time, emphasizing the image of the artist in jeans and rough sneakers, powerful drums and guitars, proving that music is immortal, and real art ever.