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  • Raphaela Gromes

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  • Javier Perianes

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  • Jean Rondeau

    Jean Rondeau
  • Russische Nationalphilharmonie

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  • La Cetra Basel

    La Cetra Basel
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    Orfeo 55
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    Katia & Marielle Labèque
  • Regensburger Domspatzen

    Regensburger Domspatzen
  • Ensemble Artaserse

    Ensemble Artaserse

BBC Music Magazine chooses the best classical albums of 2020

Every year, BBC Music Magazine chooses the best classical albums of the year.

In 2020, three of our artists have made it into the selection: Raphaela Gromes, Alexandre Tharaud and Giuliano Carmignola. Congratulations!


In the category "The best concerto recordings" Giuliano Carmignola's album "Bach - Vivaldi", recorded with the cellist Mario Brunello, as well as the Accademia dell'Annunciata under Riccardo Doni. The magazine states:

“The soloists are not only superb virtuosos but they converse with the rapport of chamber musicians, and are keenly aware of period style – Carmignola playing a Venetian violin from 1733 by Pietro Guarneri, Brunello a copy of an Amati from the early 1600s, its sound warm and tenorial. They parry with daring abandon Vivaldi’s barrage of challenges (quick-fire passagework, double stopping, bariolage, high-wire acrobatics), while to Bach’s Teutonic idiom they bring Italian fire and lyricism. These are high-risk performances, both soloists preferring raw expression to mere beauty of sound.“ (BBC Music Magazine, 20.07.2020, Kate Bolton-Porciatti)


Alexandre Tharaud's  recording "Chanson d'Amour" with soprano Sabine Devieilhe is selected in the category "The best choral and song recordings":

“Changes of register, notably Devieilhe’s hushed leap towards the end of Debussy’s ‘Apparition’, are seemingly effortless, matched by Alexandre Tharaud’s ever-nuanced, passionately intelligent pianism. Ravel’s ‘Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques’ finds them in perfectly controlled equilibrium, Devieilhe floating with aching beauty while Tharaud seemingly strokes the piano strings.” (BBC Music Magazine, 01.10.2020, Christopher Dingle)


Raphaela Gromes and Julian Riem win in the category "The best chamber music recordings" with their album "Richard Strauss Cello Sonatas ":

In this persuasive performance by Raphaela Gromes and Julian Riem, the early work bursts into irrepressible life. […] Beguiling song arrangements make up the balance of the disc. Beautifully detailed performances combine with a powerful sense of music cherished.” (BBC Music Magazine, 14.05.2020, Helen Wallace)