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David Garrett

“He is extremely honest to the intention of the composer. He doesn’t make unusual deviations of interpretation. He is very classically oriented, ‘cause that’s the way he grew up. So I’m very impressed with how true to the intentions of the composer he plays it. In other words he uses his technique and his beautiful sound to serve the music he’s playing. And that’s very important.“ (Zubin Mehta, December 2013)

Since his return to the stage, now as a Juilliard School graduate and student of Itzhak Perlman, David Garrett has been on a continuous artistic path to present various programs in the Music Halls of this world. He is determined to introduce the Masterpieces of the classical genre to a mass audience, using the popularity of his crossover programs.
The idea for crossover already sparked as a child prodigy, and further developed during this time at Juilliard. “As sixteen-year old I always wondered, why are my friends and peers not at the concert halls? They are missing the wonderful music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Bruch…”. While at Juilliard, David got in touch with other art forms such as theatre and dance, but noticed that these students rarely go to a classical concert. However on jam sessions, where David frequently performed pop songs on his violin, the crowds were captured by his classical tunes, mixed into other pop arrangements. And so the idea was cemented, to use pop arrangements to introduce the audience to the world of classical music. And his success proves him right. Never mind which program he is performing, from Asia or Latin-America, solo or with a symphonic orchestra, band or chamber ensemble; the audience and critics love whatever he has performed for them or recorded for them.

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