Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen celebrate beautiful success at the Ruhr Piano Festival 2022

Tal & Groethuysen 2 ©Gustav Eckart

On 08.07.2022 Yaara Tal & Andreas Groethuysen played a successful concert at the Ruhr Piano Festival, during which they were awarded the festival prize:

"Transparently designed fugue-like passages, in which Tal and Groethuysen prove to be masters of quiet tones, form an expressive contrast to striking impulses, virtuoso trills set accents." (WAZ, 10.07.2022, Konstanze Führlbeck)

[On Carl Czerny: Fantasy in F minor op. 226]: "Both in stormy-pushing passages and in thoughtful-tender parts, the clarity of the playing and the shaping of the duo Tal and Groethuysen are striking." (WAZ, 10.07.2022, Konstanze Führlbeck)

[On Franz Schubert: Fantasy in F minor D 940]: "In dark colours, the two musicians tell an elegiac ballad in which every note stands like a world of its own." (WAZ, 10.07.2022, Konstanze Führlbeck)

"The piano recital of the duo was as usual detached, fresh in the interpretation of the work, precise in the interplay and full of discoveries. The playing of the two is one of partners at eye level, who with long experience and great understanding find exemplary interpretations." (WAZ, 11.07.2022, Pedro Obiera and Jens Dirksen)

"For example, the feeling for the right tempi, to be able to carefully phrase every melodic turn, every run, but at the same time to preserve the sound transparency and the natural flow of the music." (WAZ, 11.07.2022, Pedro Obiera and Jens Dirksen)

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