„Rousing Passion“ by Concerto Köln and Midori Seiler in Maulbronn

Concerto Köln 3 ©Harald Hoffmann

On 20th May 2022, Concerto Köln with violinist Midori Seiler could be heard at the Maulbronn Klosterkonzerte. With the programme "La Venezia di Anna Maria", the musicians transported their audience to the Venice of the 17th century. The accompanying album with works by Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Baldassare Galuppi was released in 2018.

"The six male and ten female musicians already thrilled the audience with the immensely lively opening of the first Vivaldi concerto. Expressive and stirring not only the sonority of their interpretations, but the lively facial expressions reflected their great joy in playing. Impressive the harmony of their interplay." (Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 23.05.2022, Eva Filitz)

"The central figure and the impetus for an almost perfect harmony of the 15 actors was the concertmaster Markus Hoffmann. Above this foundation, Midori Seiler, at no point showing off, playing with a baroque convex bow and great seriousness, as it were losing herself to the music." (Mühlacker Tagblatt, 23.05.2022, Dr. Dietmar Bastian)

"Above the baroque splendid sound carpets rolled out by the orchestra, she played Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in E flat major 'per Anna Maria' (RV 260) with unearthly tenderness and magnificent high notes, the introductory Allegro also in dialogue with a solo cello, the final movement with a breathtakingly beautiful sounding cadenza. [...] Characteristic are the vibratoless, drawn-out swells or the almost chasing, powerful, roaring tone sequences. Thus the enthusiastic audience experienced a Venetian prelude at the Maulbronn Monastery Concerts marked by the rousing passion of all the performers." (Pforzheimer Zeitung, 23.05.2022, Eckehard Uhlig)

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