Passacalle de la Follie - New album by Philippe Jaroussky

Passacalle de la Follie © Erato / Warner Classics

On 17 February 2023, Philippe Jaroussky will release his new album "Passacalle de la Follie" on the Erato/Warner Classics label - together with L'Arpeggiata and Christina Pluhar.

When Christina Pluhar performs with her ensemble L'Arpeggiata, early music doesn't sound old at all, but often as lively as if it had just been composed. The lutenist attributes this to the freedom of improvisation that baroque music thrives on and which it shares with today's jazz and pop music: "Certain harmonic or rhythmic phrases that existed back then still exist today in living music. It's living baroque, so to speak."

With their album Passacalle de la Follie, star countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, Christina Pluhar and L'Arpeggiata immerse themselves in 17th-century French court music and give it drive and new life. The dream team of Jaroussky, Pluhar and ensemble has already existed for 15 years with successful albums, joint concerts, and consistently enthusiastic audience reactions. On this album, Jaroussky interprets the gallant love poems, which often hide erotic allusions behind their verses inspired by Ovid.

As court music and love poetry of the time, the Air de Cour, in its high artistic flowering, formed a counterweight to the political tensions in Baroque France. While wars and intrigues determined everyday life, the royal court, thanks to refined and refined arts, transported the court nobility to an island of the blissful. Christina Pluhar compiled the musical works of the most important composers of the French royal court at the time for her recording, including airs by Pierre Guédron, Antoine Boësset and Michel Lambert.

In Germany, the programme can be heard in concert on 31 March 2023 at the Philharmonie Berlin, on 2 April at the Historische Reitstadel in Neumarkt and on 4 April at the Isarphilharmonie in Munich!

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Henry de Bailly (arr. Christina Pluhar) - Yo soy la locura (Passacalle de la Follie) - Jaroussky

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