Lisa Batiashvili enchants the Isarphilharmonie Munich

Batiashvili 6 ©Sammy Hart

On 02, 03 and 04 March 2023 Lisa Batiashvili was a guest at the Isarphilharmonie Munich. With the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jakub Hrůša, she interpreted the Violin Concerto in D minor by Jean Sibelius.

"Batiashvili is a fundamental stranger to all gestures of hollow showiness, and here she plays the solo part of Sibelius's Violin Concerto as if it were not monstrous, but an often enchantingly delicate song. Her playing is as precise as it is almost uninhibitedly lyrical, she warms, she enchants. [...] And Batiashvili manages with ease to give this theme a new colour, a slight shift in gesture with every return." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 05.03.2023, Egbert Tholl)

"Right at the beginning, her expressive "dolce ed espressivo" tone, enveloped by atmospherically dense tremoloing strings, captures the sustaining expanse of Sibelius' music. Also in the development, played by the solo part alone, Batiashvili masterfully manages the mixture of great rhapsodic gesture, meditative reflection and superficially musically not virtuosic, but technically highly demanding passagework. [...] Batiashvili draws the vocal lines of the middle movement with weighty intensity and high pianissimo sensitivity." (, retrieved 06.03.2023, Oliver Bernhardt)

"But it is only here, within the pointedly discriminating environment of the BR Symphony Orchestra, that she can fully display her art of relaxed, breathing phrasing. The violinist glides with fairy-like grace through the immaterial pianissimo of the strings, which Hřusa, for all her intangibility, is somehow still able to make appear rhythmically moving." (Abendzeitung München, 04.03.2023, Michael Bastian Weiß)

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