Great - Julia Lezhneva with Dmitry Sinkovsky, Luca Pianca and La Voce Strumentale in Berlin

Lezhneva1© Emil Matveev

La Voce Strumentale © Mundra Lázló

Julia Lezhneva, together with the ensemble La Voce Strumentale under the direction of Dmitry Sinkovsky, who also shone as a countertenor, performed a veritable marathon last night in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie: there were a whole eight encores and standing ovations. Also in the running was the Italian lutenist Luca Pianca, who spread Venetian flair. Thus the conclusion of the evening by critic Andreas Göble of rbbKultur was: "great" - "inspiration, wit and humour make for well over three stellar hours". Read the entire article here:

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