Goosebump moment with Valer Sabadus in Speyer

Valer Sabadus © schneiderphotography

On 22.03.23, Valer Sabadus performed together with SPARK - the classical band with their programme "Closer to Paradise" as part of the "Speyerer Resonanzen" in the local Dreifaltigkeitskirche. "The countertenor's singing is out of this world, gets under your skin, penetrates your heart and soul," writes the newspaper RHEINPFALZ. Furthermore: "Arranged especially for the programme by Plumettaz, the Rammstein song [Der Seemann] becomes the theme tune of "Closer to Paradise", the performance a goosebump moment". The Schwetzinger Zeitung writes: "Because at the centre of this concert is Valer Sabadus...". Read on here.

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