Exquisite Chopin magic with Alexander Gadjiev

(c) Andrej Grilc

Pure Chopin concerts have become rare these days. Alexander Gadjiev, winner of 2nd prize at the 2021 Chopin Competition in Warsaw, performed an all-Chopin programme in two concerts in Polling on 12 January and in Munich on 13 January. The Süddeutsche Zeitung critic praised the young Italian-Slovenian pianist with Russian roots for striking in Munich Chopins "perfect balance between poetic delicacies and profound passion". "Only in the more turbulent middle sections of Chopin's three-part architecture of the pieces does he unleash some drama, particularly impressively in the C minor Nocturne from opus 48." The highlight was the twelve preludes from op. 28: "Gadjiev listens to them carefully and gives them a status beyond all fiction." Read the full article here.

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