Baroque music magic in Fürth

An evening filled with grandiose emotional outbursts

"The instrumentalists of La Cetra impress with delicate syncopations and surprising harmonic transitions in a Merula Sonata, featuring Germán Chamorro as the first violinist and Sergio Bullido on baroque guitar and theorbo. Katya Polin alternates merrily between the recorder, piccolo, and viola. Andrea Marcon conducts discreetly and visibly relaxed from the harpsichord, using glances and head movements to guide the ensemble, resulting in melodically rich music-making."

"In an excerpt from ‘La verità in cimento,’ the piccolo soars with the agility of a lark, while Kožená, smiling, follows its lead, reveling in the lightly swinging soprano"

(Nürnberger Nachrichten online, Michael Vierth, 03.06.2024)

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