Andrea Marcon at the Musikfest Bremen - Interview

Andrea Marcon_4 ©Marco Borggreve

On the occasion of his engagement at the Musikfest Bremen (concerts on 23., 25. and 27.08.23), Andrea Marcon was in conversation with Kai-Luehrs Kaiser for the Weser-Kurier.
The musician talks about the different programmes of the three concerts in three different churches, where he will be performing as conductor, harpsichordist and organist. He also makes interesting comments on (historical) performance practice in churches.
Moreover, he explains why he sees Vivaldi as the "first minimalist" and at the same time the most virtuosic of his contemporaries, and why he considers his musical showmanship "not bad". He also tells how Venice has changed over time from his point of view. Here you can read the entire article.

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