Alexandre Tharaud shines with piano recital at the Philharmonie Berlin

Tharaud 2 ©Laure Bernard / Parlophone Records Limited

A brilliant solo debut piano recital by French pianist Alexandre Tharaud

In a nutshell, the Tagesspiegel sums up Alexandre Tharaud's piano recital on 31 May 2023 at the Philharmonie Berlin as follows:
"You have to have experienced it! The sovereign mastery of this world-class pianist leaves you speechless." (Keno-David Schüler, Tagesspiegel, 1.6.2023)

The author elogizes somewhat more extensively about Tharaud's interpretation of works by Rameau, Grieg, Mahler and Ravel: "The freely selected 'Lyric Pieces' by Edvard Grieg are no less fantastic. Already in the 'Arietta' from the first booklet, the grand piano sounds completely different from Rameau. Tharaud presents himself as a virtuoso of orchestration, who knows how to interpolate finely polished layers of sound in a wonderfully polyphonic way and impressively demonstrates the compositional refinement of the twelve little pieces." (Keno-David Schüler, Tagesspiegel, 1.6.2023)

You can read the whole article of the Tagesspiegel here.


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